#Rakhine #Myanmar at #Terrorists #Bengali #Attack and #Shameful say #Genocide

sorry, my blog  for tech and travel, but now Rakhine Ethnics is die in Rakhine State.

How they make #Propaganda with fake news
#Bengali so called #Rohingya at #Rakhine State, Myanmar



here at real news.

It’s very first day in 2017 aug 24.  attack to 30 of police security station.  12 people is dead, 2nd day 120  or more ethnics is dead, because of #Terrorists #Bengali so call #Rohingya

Now Rakhine state at ethnics #Rakhine is homeless and fear.

Because of recent attacked, carried out by extremist Bengali insurgents, 400 over primary and secondary schools are forced to shut down in the area of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Yathataung. U Aung Kyaw Htun, Rakhine State Education Director Office told Narinjira News Agency on August 25, 2017. Bengali insurgents also attacked Nanthartaung School where 370 students were hiding, according to the latest news.


here at some embassy statement


our Myanmar government statement

here at #Propaganda list


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